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Old Digging Picture


Old Digging Picture

View of Excavation

Thinking About Digging ?

Thing about digging!

Cow Burial

Shell and Bone


















Restistivity Map

Restistivity Map

Restistivity Map

Rocky Clump Goephysics Interpretations Sept 2002

Geophysics Interpretations from Sept 2002 survey


Rocky Clump Dec 2002 Geophysics

Rocky Clump "Flattened" Geophysics Plot from Dec 2002

Rocky Clump Geophysics Dec 2002

Rocky Clump "Non-Flattened" Geophysics Plot from Dec 2002

Rocky Clump  Digging

Rocky Clump Digging

Rocky Clump  Bone and Shell Finds

Rocky Clump Bone and Shell Finds


Rocky Clump North-South Ditch

Rocky Clump North-South Ditch

Film Crew march 2003

Film Crew - March 2003

Start of 2003 Season

Start of 2003 Season

Rocky Clump Bones

Rocky Clump Bones

Rocky Clump YAC

Rocky Clump Young Archaeolgist Club






Record Turnout !

Bones in North/South Ditch


"Shrine" Area with Large Post Hole

Geophysics Non-Flat


Geophysics Flat

Pit & Ditch Section 2005

Section 2005

Man in a "Shrine" Post Hole 2005


A "Shrine" Post Hole 2005

Lots of Activity

Complex Pits Intercutting 2005


Drawing a Pit
Sept/Oct 06

Large Pit
Sept/Oct 06

Large Pit
Sept/Oct 06

Large Pit
Sept/Oct 06

North Trench
Sept/Oct 06

East Trench
Sept/Oct 06

Mediveal Ditch
Sept/Oct 06

North Trench
Sept/Oct 06

Shrine - Cleaning Up
Sept/Oct 06


Shrine Post Hole
Sept/Oct 06

Peculiar ridges March/May 07

Opening the North trench March/May 07

Opening a new section March/May 07

Post holes and ditches coming into view March/May 07


New Shrine Post Hole March/May 07

Cleaning back a ditch surface March/May 07

Looking for the large north ditch March/May 07

Geophysics March/May 07

Parallel Ditches - North Trench August 07


North Trench with Flint & Sarsen August 07


North Trench after rain August 07

Large Pit - Bones Trench August 07

Bones Trench with large ditch August 07

The Large North Ditch August 07

Pits, Post Holes & Ditches North Trench August 07

A "Shrine" post hole Oct 07

Deeper in the North Trench Oct 07


Ditches coming into view - North Trench Oct 07

Examining the Ditches Oct 07

The Bones Trench Oct 07

Flint & Bone in North Trench Oct 07


Looking for Burials Oct 07

More Flint & Bone Trench Oct 07

Parallel Roman Ditches Oct 07

How to lift a delicate Skull April 09

The North Ditch April 09

Interesting Stratigraphy April 09

Animal Bones being recovered April 09

More bone deposits May 09

Scapula May 09

A pit and ditch being revealed in the East trench May 09

The north south ditch being revealed May 09

Roman roofing tile in-situ May 09

And even more bone May 09

Bone experts May 09

Beginning to remove the upper layers May 09

First Floor appearing May/June09

Flint Floor and Sarsen Stone after rain May/June09

Roman "snake" ring May/June09

Roman roofing tile in the east baulk May/June09

Roman Disc Brooch May/June09

Removing the upper layers May/June09

Large amounts of bone May/June09

Cow bone in north-south ditch May/June09

Bones Experts May/June09

North-South ditch after excavation May/June09

Ditch in the East trench May/June09

Uncovering large Sarsen Stones May 2010

Uncovering more large Sarcen Stones May 2010

Flint Cobbled Floor and Pit May 2010

East Sarcen Stone May 2010

Inside the Trees May 2010

Bones Trench May 2010

Spring 2010

Beneath the cobbled floor-in the bones trench July 2010

The east trench- sarson stones, oyster and samian July 2010

Lunchtime at Rocky Clump July 2010

Complex features and stratigraphy- east trench July 2010

Cattle pelvis, teeth and leg bones July 2010

The Flint Cobbled floor and pit July 2010

New ditch and post hole in the north trench July 2010

Roman or 1950's Fireplace? July 2010

A well and flint cobbled surface July 2010

A good out on the first day of digging April 2011

Day 1 - Setting out the test trenches April 2011

In the Plough soil, but finds coming up April 2011

The South Field April 2011

The East trench - repairing the damage done to this part of the site by cattle April 2011

Trench 1 - A large feature uncovered April 2011

Trench 2 - Sadly no features in this area April 2011

A busy day in May May/June 2011

A possible pit or post hole May/June 2011

Another busy day in June May/June 2011

Finds of Bone and mussel shells May/June 2011

Gradually extending the trench May/June 2011

Some quite intriguing features May/June 2011

Pottery and Butchered Bone July 2011

Curious Layers July 2011

BHAS Field Unit at Work July 2011

An Interesting curved gully July 201

A Busy Day at Rocky Clump July 2011

Large and Curoius feature July 2011

Another busy day at Rocky Clump April 2011

Pottery and mussel shells April 2011

Alternating 1 metre sections May 2011

Uncovering lots of mussel shells May 2011

Awash with mussel shells May 2011

Road to Rocky Clump watercolour July 2011

Curious deposits August 2011

Deep deposits from part of the midden August 2011

Lots of layers and getting deeper August 2011

RCS11 Possible La Tene brooch - 100BC-100AD Sept 2011

Trackway for carts
November 2011


An intriguing gully
November 2011

An odd collection of post holes
November 2011

Decorated pot sherd - some very clear
November 2011

Lots of large bones being found
November 2011

Pits cutting layers in the baulk
November 2011

Roman Glass
November 2011

The curious trackway and
adjacent pit or ditch
November 2011



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