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Rocky Clump
July-October 2019

Digging in the upper east west ditch
n July 2019

Excavating a ditch terminus
in July 2019


One of the middle east west ditch causeways in July2019

The south east corner of the ditch curving around in August 2019

The middle east west ditch after rain
in August 2019

A temporary shelter from the summer heat in August 2019


Recording the north ditch and grain storage pits in August 2019

Complex features
in September 2019

The site in September 2019 with the granary post holes visible

The second A visit to the dig by the Young Archaeologists Club in September 2019


Working in the lower east west ditch
in September 2019

A complete cow skull coming into view (Photo Chris Coates) in October 2019

Rocky Clump April-May 2019

Drone View from Oct 2018


First Day on Site

Opening up new trenches

Large animal bones

Pottery and bone in the north ditch

Investigating a ditch terminus

A section through the east ditch


The east ditch showing a re-cut

Rocky Clump May 2019


In the north ditch with plenty of pottery

The south ditch

The middle eastwest ditch

The south east corner ditch junction




BHAS Badges


Stanmer Walk
5th January 2019


A visit to Lots pond on the Stanmer walk


The Stanmer walk

18th November 2018


A visit to the Ringmer tile kiln with Simon Stevens


The main tile kiln at Ringmer

Rocky Clump
3rd November 2018


A drone photo showing the four posts of a granary and adjacent the grain storage pit at Rocky Clump


Finds Proccessing


Finds washing at ASE in November 2018


Finds washing at ASE in December 2018

Beacon Hill
3rd November 2018


Excavations at Beacon Hill


Interesting stratigraphy on Beacon Hill

Lunch time on Beacon Hill

Rocky Clump
August-October 2018

Removing the ditch fills in August 2018


Bone finds in August 2018

Rocky Clump August 2018

A large pit or well appearing in August 2018

"Duncans" ditch is becoming circular, could it be another you know what August 2018


Rocky Clump in September 2018

Post holes and stake holes September 2018

Features all over the site September 2018

Deep ditches September 2018


A very busy site in late September 2018

More ditches pits and post holes September 2018


A drone photo showing the four posts of a granary and adjacent the grain storage pit October 2018


A grain storage pit revealed October 2018


Pottery on the grain storage pit bottom October 2018


A crowded site in October 2018

Very large post holes October 2018

The upper eastwest ditch , the location of baby burials October 2018


The large middle ditch section October 2018

Animal skulls on the ditch bottom October 2018

Rocky Clump
July 2018


A cow bone found in the lower ditch


A pit with post holes and stake holes in the fill

The upper east west ditch

Digging out stake holes and post holes

Ditches, pits and post holes all over the place

Interesting pottery

Sestertius coin 060618-2


The site at the end of July 2018

A visit by the YAC's in July 2018



Rocky Clump
April-May 2018

A busy day on site

Finding features near the enclosure entrance


Lunch time on site

One of the very large ditches

Some dumpy level training


Some of the diggers

Spring 2018

Finds processing at Patcham
in January 18


Earthworks at Upper Perching
in January 18

A visit to the Devils Dyke
in January 18

Pot Washing at ASE i
n January 18

Day School on Envioremental Studies
in January 18


More pot washing in February 18

A studious group of finds processors
in February 18

The Buildings Archaeology day school
in February 18

The flint knapping day school
in March 18


Flint Knapping Day School - plenty of flakes about in March 18


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