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Geophysics at Beeding

Geophysics at Beedings

More Info

Beeding Geophysics

Beeding Geophysics



Barcombe Villa

Field Unit assisting at Barcombe Roman Villa


West Burton Geophysics

West Burton Geophysics

West Burton Geophysics

West Burton Geophysics

West Burton Geophysics Provisional Analysis

West Burton Geophysics Provisional Analysis


"Thraves" Graffham

'"Thraves" Graffham

Geophysics Front

"Thraves" Geophysics Front

Geophysics Rear

"Thraves" Geophysics Rear

Thaves Drawing

"Thaves" Graffham Drawing

Perching Hill Barn

Perching Barn Geophysics

Perching Barn Geophysics

Perching Barn Geophysics

Perching Flat Geophysics

Perching Flat Geophysics

Perching Non-Flat Geophysics

Perching Non-Flat Geophysics

Bushy Bottom Geophysics

Bushy Bottom Geophysics

Bushy Bottom Geophysics

Bushy Bottom Geophysics

Hollingbury Hill Walk

Hollingbury Hill Walk (photo courtesy of Brghton & Hove Council)

Checking the Geophysics Equipment at Hollingbury
Nov 05

Geophysics at Hollingbury
Nov 05

Nanson Road

Nason Road Postholes and Flint Mounds

Flat Beacon Hill Rottingdean Geophysics

Non-Flat Beacon Hill Rottingdean Geophysics



Flat Beacon Hill Rottingdean Geophysics

Non-Flat Beacon Hill Rottingdean Geophysics






Centenary Conference at Sussex University

March 06

Opening Remarks

Books for sale


Artifacts on the BHAS stand

BHAS Stand


In the Theatre



Misc Photos (Spring 06 Archaeology Report)

BBC at Rocky Clump


Firle June/July 06





Find Processing


Chalk Covered Drain


Land Drain


Exhibition at Brighton Museum Sept 06

Display in Museum


Annual Society Dinner 2007



Casper Johnson (Guest Speaker)


Casper with BHAS President


Southwick 2008

Interesting layers

Inside the Building

The Roman Wall and other layers

Keith Planning the Wall

Devils Jumps 2009

Idea of Scale

Very Large Burial Mounds

Porchester Castle 2009

Roman Walls

View of Medieval Keep

South Gate


Finds Processing 2009

Finds processing

Finds processing

Finds processing

Harting Beacon 2009

Beautiful Views

Being Ploughed inside the ramparts

Lovely Views and Country Ways

Piddingworth 2009



Trackway leading down to Piddingworth

Vestiges of the Barn at Piddingworth

A view of the enclosure from inside the old barn

Walks 2009

Newhaven Harour with Geoff Mead


Berwick Church

Hove Lawns Nov 2009

View to Brunswick Square

Finds Tray

Opening the Section



Evidence in a small sondage forthe brickmaking industry


More Visitors

Finds Processing 2009

Finds processing 2009

Finds processing 2009

Thames June 2011


The BHAS mudlarkers

The Thames awash with finds

Fiona examining the finds

Visit to Folkstone Roman Villa - June 2011


Details in the Field Unit News

Interpretation Board

Wonderful location

Excavating the courtyard floor

Excavationg the large ditch to the south of the villa

Andrew Richardson explaining about the quernstone

The courtyard and east wing

The early phased apsidal lower wing

Wall foundations

Looking at the archaeology of Stanmer Nov 2011

John Shepherd at the BHAS Glass dayschool in Feb 2012


Malcom Lyne examing pottery from Rocky Clump at a dayschool Nov 2011

Finds processing in January 2012

Marking and cataloguing flintwork from Peacehaven in Feb 2012

A Standen walk with Geoff Mead Jan 2012

Finds Processing at Patcham 2012/13

Finds processing at ASE 2012/2013

Bones Day School 2012/2013

Winter walk to Alciston 2012/2013

Lewes Priory Calvary Mound 2012/2013

Norman Phippard The baby burial being excavated, with Norman doing the photograph

Norman Phippard Surveying by Norman

Norman Phippard Norman at Ovingdean

Luke Barber tutor at metalwork dayschool 2013

Books and metalwork finds at dayschool 2013

Day trips 2013 - The Roman Walls of London

Day trips 2013 - Roman Walls at Chichester

Day trips 2013 - London Trip - Guildhall, site of the Roman amphi-theatre

Day trips 2013 - Chichester Cathedral and a keen group

Michelham Priory - Volunteers and the display boards and finds at Michelham 2013

Setting out for geophysics at Stanmer November 2013

Resistivity surveying in the rain at Stanmer November 2013

Earthworks in Stanmer paddock November 2013

Finds processing in January 2014

Highdown Hill-fort 2014

BHAS Visit to Devils Dyke 2014

The detonator store at Devils Dyke 2014

The Iron Age ramparts at Devils Dyke 2014

Worthing Museum trip 2014

The Museum of London February 2014

December 2014 BHAS washing their finds at ASE

A big crowd for finds processing in January 2015

Finds processing in February 2015 - Flint work, fire-cracked shells and nails

Marking medieval pottery in January 2015

Finds processing February 2015 counting weighing and measuring

Finding some interesting flint pieces in January 2015

A packed house for Matt Pope's flint day school Jan 2015


Matt Pope showing how small microliths area Jan 2015

Mike Allen teaching BHAS about environmental sampling in February 2015

Millbank Wood on the Stanmer walk, is it a site we asked Feb 2015

December 2014 the BHAS walk at Stanmer

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