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2003 digging

2003 Season

2003 Season

2003 Season

2003 Medeival Walls

Medieval Walls 2003

2003 Season

2003 Season

Meiveil Walls 2003 Season

Medieval Walls 2003 Season


Articulated Sheep 2003 Season

Articulated Sheep 2003 Season

Corner of possible Manor House

Corner of possible Manor House 2003 Season

13th Century Ovingdean

An interperatation of 13th Century Ovingdean

Roof tiles in the demolition layer April 06

A good first day turn out April 06

A photo of Norman taking a photo of John taking a photo of the trench April 06

A Busy Trench! May/June 06

A detached kitchen foundation trench May/June 06

Deja vu at Ovingdean May/June 06

Medieval Pottery May/June 06

Digging May/June 06

A foundation trench appearing! May/June 06

Tower Rubble May/June 06

Vestiges of a Boundary Wall May/June 06

The Features Beginning to Appear April/May 2008

Opening the Kitchen Trench April/May 2008

Floor Tile and Cooking Pot in the Ditch April/May 2008

Opening the Manor Trench April/May 2008

The Walls and Cobbled Floor of the Manor House April/May 2008

Corner of the Manor House April/May 2008

The New Building and Ditch April/May 2008

Ditches and Post Poles Appearing April/May 2008

A visit by the YAC April/May 2008

Field Walking Feb 2009

The south west corner showing a hole cut for stone robbing July 2009

Metal Staining in the east wall July 2009

Carved chalk blocks July 2009

Lots of tile beneath the turf July 2009

Looking for those house walls July 2009

Inside the north west corner with tile and mortar adhering July 2009

The north east corner being revealed July 2009

The South west corner coming into view July 2009

The BHAS transport and rain shield July 2009

Some nice medieval pottery July 2009

Several walls on top of each other July 2009

Part of the beach pebble floor July 2009

The early days Sept 2009


Visit by the Young Archaeologist Club Sept 2009

Another busy day Sept 2009

Bones and Building Rubble Sept 2009

South West Corner of Building Sept 2009

Inside the North East Corner with tile and morter adherting Sept 2009

Medevial Pottery Sept 2009


Cellar Floor appearing Sept 2009


Lots of animal bones in the cellar Sept 2009


North East Corner of Building Sept 2009

South West Corner Sept 2009

Walls coming into view Sept 2009

Walls on top of walls Sept 2009

Those walls getting thicker Sept 2009

North East Corner Sept 2009

Fieldwalking at Ovingdean Feb 2010


Removing that lovely soft top soil April 2014


Setting out the fencing April 2014


Will we find the dovecote April 2014


Ovingdean Church April 2014

A large crowd for the first day April 2014

Deturfing those first trenches April 2014

Features beginning to appear April 2014

Setting out the trenches May 2014

Starting on the second trench May 2014

A busy site at times May 2014

A nice alignment of large post holes, whatever is it May 2014

A nice collection of daub in the ditch bottom May 2014

Finding those edges May 2014

Will we find the dovecote May 2014


Looking for the ditch May 2014

Pits ditches and post holes May 2014

Post holes appearing May 2014

Post holes galore May 2014

A complete horse skull in trench C June 2014

A group of students from Wyoming USA June 2014

A nice stratigraphy June 2014

Post holes and ditches appearing in trench B2 June 2014

Post holes with post pipe June 2014

Collection flints,that proved not to be the dove-cote June 2014

Its getting more interesting with each day June 2014

Ditch - PH - ditch - ditch - PH -PH - PH June 2014

The large ditch in trench B2 June 2014


A very curious feature June 2014


A ditch filled with daub June 2014

A pretty impressive ditch section June 2014

A multitude of layers and features July/Aug 2014

A drop of overnight rain really shows up the features July/Aug 2014

A ditch within a bank July/Aug 2014

Now that looks like a fine edge July/Aug 2014

Work in the north trench July/Aug 2014

Chasing post holes at the north end July/Aug 2014

Another post hole July/Aug 2014

Yet another post hole July/Aug 2014

Quite a lot going on today July/Aug 2014

Working around the flint floor Sept/Oct 2014

Trench K, quite a depth of soil
over the features Sept/Oct 2014

Recording the large pit beneath
the bank and more post hole Sept/Oct 2014

Possible medieval cart tracks
and a new ditch Sept/Oct 2014

Finding those flint edges and
post holes in trench D Sept/Oct 2014

Plenty off medieval pot below those stones Sept/Oct 2014

More layers than a great British bake off sponge cake Sept/Oct 2014

Mark has found yet
another odd feature Sept/Oct 2014

Lots of subtle features in
even more subtle layers Sept/Oct 2014

A lot of activity in trench 'J' Sept/Oct 2014

Looking for more post holes
in Trench 'J' Sept/Oct 2014

Layers upon layers of flints trench D Sept/Oct 2014

A section through the earth work showing the large chalk block Sept/Oct 2014

The buried land surace at Ovingdean under the bank December 2014

Another pit and part of the floors in the large trench December 2014

Working in removing the upper fill sin trench 'J' December 2014

Removing the other half of the pit December 2014

Judith with her gaming piece December 2014

More stake holes being uncovered December 2014

Post hole paddock on the last digging day December 2014

Getting all that last recording done December 2014

The Saxon gaming piece December 2014

Trenches b1 and b2 at height December 2014

David Staveley with his magnetometer December 2014

And now for the resistivity December 2014

Some of the team opening up the trench April 2015

Good to back in the field again April 2015

One of the first finds April 2015

Removing those upper layers April 2015



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